Udny Community

Technology: Wind

Type: Locally Owned Community Project

Capacity: 800kW

Green Cat were engaged by the community to provide development support throughout the entire development process. Our support ranged from initial technical feasibility assessments to delivery of the EIA and consenting and we were on hand to assist the Udny Community group with community ‘buy in’ exercises and financial analysis.

The key development issues associated with this project were:

  • Delivery of planning consent and grid connection;
  • Community Engagement; and
  • Project Financing.

As this was a community project great care was taken to manage risks in such a way that all of the potential showstoppers were dealt with prior to committing significant expenditure.

Consent of the scheme was delivered through considerate design in collaboration with the landowner’s requirements in terms of land use, and hands-on consultation with the regulatory authorities. In parallel to the consenting process, Green Cat managed the grid connection aspect which was a key issue in the feasibility of this project.

Regular and pro-active Community ‘buy-in’ and Public Engagement exercises were undertaken by the Udny team which was an essential part of the success of the project. GCR provided the support required to organise public exhibitions and site visits at various stages of the development phase, including an open day once the wind turbine was operational.

GCR provided technical assistance to feed into the financial analysis of the various models available; assessing funding scenarios and considering the implication of the various grants available to the community group.