Resource Assessment

Bankable yield forecasts

Renewable energy from wind, solar and hydro are inherently affected by the frequency, intensity and variability of the basic energy resource. As intermittent sources of energy, dependent upon local weather patterns and seasonal variability, robust and bankable resource assessments form the backbone to every renewable energy project.

Our technical analysts are well versed in wind, solar and hydro resource assessments, applying industry accepted statistical methodologies to both measured and modelled data to develop realistic resource projections for specific sites. Specialist software packages are used to inform our assessments including PVSyst, Openwind, Windographer, WindFarm, RETScreen, LowFlows amongst others.

A robust resource assessment enables sensible energy yield forecasts to be derived, considering technology specifications and effects of ancillary infrastructure. These form the basis for projecting key investment metrics, such as P50, P90 and P99 energy yields over the commercial lifetime of a project.