Providing Specialist Renewable Energy Development Support

Green Cat Renewables is a specialist renewable energy consultancy which was founded in Scotland in December 2004. In the 12+ years since, the business has expanded to open four offices across Scotland and most recently established the Canadian arm of the business in Alberta, Canada. Our experience profile includes 600MW+ of wind, 200MW+ of solar and 25MW+ of hydro projects.  

The company was established with an aim of driving down the costs associated with the development of renewables projects, identifying an opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce development costs by offering a complete in-house consultancy and project management service to deliver concepts through the whole project life-cycle from initial conception to operation. Our approach means that the development of renewable energy is accessible to a wider range of individuals, businesses and developers than traditionally may have been the case.

Our client base encompasses community groups, agricultural businesses, high-energy users, developers, private investors, investment banks, lenders and utilities. With our depth of understanding of renewables projects we are able to tailor our services to our Clients’ needs and to a proportionate level of detail for the project.

Green Cat employs 50+ staff across the five offices providing a diverse range of skills and experience. Our team includes engineers, environmental consultants, technicians, project managers, site managers and technical specialists. Our experts include energy yield modellers, grid modellers and geotechnical engineers. Having been involved in 420+ projects means our team have hands-on experience in addressing technical challenges and finding solutions for a wide range of often complex environmental, technical and engineering constraints associated with the development of renewables projects.