GRID interconnection

Technical expertise & advice

Green Cat has the electrical engineering capability and experience to support connections across all types of renewable generation projects. Our team of electrical engineers and grid specialists provide technical expertise and advice on all electrical aspects of the project from initial feasibility to the date the site becomes live.

We provide clients with connection support including:

  • Initial grid feasibility
  • Grid connection application process management
  • Review of connection agreements and designs
  • Liaison with network operators, transmission companies and electrical contractors
  • System studies and design for hybrid generation
  • System studies and design for on-site usage
  • System studies and design for off-grid solutions
  • Grid troubleshooting
  • Network modelling

As more intermittent generation is introduced onto the grid management of the network becomes more complex. Green Cat is working with various network operators to provide innovative and flexible grid solutions, such as Active Network Management, for connecting renewable generation. On the technology side, Green Cat is also actively involved in hybrid generation, combining renewables such as wind and solar or combining renewables with storage or non-renewable generation to level out the intermittent generation profile when renewables are isolated. Grid Interconnection