Feasibility Assessment, Project Design & Optimization

The first step

The first step in the development of any renewable energy project is a feasibility study to assess the project viability and understand development risk. Drawing on our full range of in-house capabilities and services Green Cat are able to provide a comprehensive and detailed study.  

A feasibility study would generally include the following:

  • Initial concept design and technology appraisal including recommendations on layout, scale and infrastructure design;
  • Consideration and mapping of the key technical, environmental and planning constraints to flag any potential concerns and making recommendations for further work to manage risk where necessary;
  • Initial resource and energy yield estimate; and
  • Planning strategy and advice

The feasibility assessment sets out a proposed plan for the development of the project which then leads into the project design phase. The design and optimisation of a wind, solar or hydro project is an iterative process which utilises the results of site specific environmental assessment work, GIS constraints mapping, observations from site visits and site investigation, buildability, stakeholder and regulatory authority input, public engagement, input from the technology provider and the resource of the site. Our team have vast and varied experience of 420+ unique sites which means we have hands-on experience in dealing with and finding solutions for a wide range of often complex environmental, technical and engineering constraints.