owner's engineer services

Green Cat Renewables (GCR) provide an ‘end-to-end’ owner’s engineer service. We bring 15+ years of renewable energy expertise and experience to your project and provide the following services to our clients in North America and Europe.

Project Management

  • Project coordination and management;
  • Interface Management;
  • Contractor Management;
  • Stakeholder Management;
  • Conflict Resolution Management;
  • Risk Mitigation & Management; and
  • Third-party relationship management.

Design Management & Review

Preliminary Design

  • Starting with civil and electrical conceptual designs, to array layout options, GCR’s engineering team provide detailed insights based on site specific conditions and previous project experience
  • Design Management
  • Services include the technical review and management of various disciplines including civil, electrical, structural and geotechnical designs.

Procurement & Tender Support

Equipment Procurement

  • Starting with the procurement of technology, all the way to Balance of Plant (BoP) procurement, GCR support clients with the tendering process and development of technical documents, alongside legal advisors.

Contracting Strategy

  • Every project is unique, with specific constraints and risks, warranting a carefully thought-out contracting strategy to balance risk mitigation, ensuring safety and optimizing financial gains. GCR have extensive experience delivering projects in a variety of contracting arrangements and support our clients in selecting the best contracting strategy for their project.

Construction Management

Contract Management

  • GCR coordinate BoP activities, including the execution of procurement, equipment inspection, transport, installation, commissioning and testing, while ensuring project safety and quality for our clients

Schedule Management

  • GCR provide support in developing, delivering and maintaining the project’s master schedule, alongside the project execution plan.

Budget Management

  • GCR will manage your project budget, ranging from payment assessments, tracking the overall budget, as well as dealing with change orders and compensation events.

Construction Supervision

  • GCR provide on-site, field supervision support for our clients. We tailor our scope offering to each client’s specific needs for on-site support. Typical scope includes: QA/QC inspections, progress reports/management, audits and inspections of key phases of work as well as the monitoring of the health and safety activities.

Independent Engineer and/or Independent Technical Advisor

GCR understand that every energy project is unique and will have varying reporting and inspection requirements. As Independent Engineer and/or Technical Advisor, our role is tailored to the requirements of the investor and/or developer. GCR’s team of engineers and technical specialists complete independent analysis, reviews and inspections during all stages of project development, design and construction. GCR’s services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Third party civil and electrical engineering design reviews
  • Tender package creation, management and RFP response reviews
  • Contractual technical reviews
  • Independent site inspections and reporting
  • QA/QC reviews

Please contact GCR  to learn how we can assist with a professional and independent review of your projects.