As intermittent generation continues to increase on the electricity system, the security of the electricity supply is becoming more of a prevalent issue for network operators on both a transmission and distribution scale. Implementing storage technologies onto the system have the advantage of being able to provide grid services. These include the participation in the capacity market and providing frequency response. There is also the opportunity to provide load shifting by charging the battery during the night from the grid when demand on the grid is lowest and the price is lowest, to then discharge during peak periods of demand.


Storage can be accommodated in locations with renewable generation (see Hybrid). Implementing this case can still provide the load shifting, to avoid peak tariffs, by storing self-generated renewable energy to then export to the grid at peak times. With the electricity network becoming increasingly constrained implementing storage schemes can optimise the use of a grid connection by providing a more stable output to the grid.

Our team of resource analysts and grid specialists are able to provide, design and optimise the storage installation to meet the requirements of the site and the local network.


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