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Deuchries Wind Project

Earlier this year we completed commissioning of our Deuchries Wind project, a small wind farm in rural Scotland acquired by Green Cat from EDF in 2016. The project was the first to be fully funded, constructed, and completed solely by the company, and was signed off on in early 2018. It consists of three Enercon […]

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Issue 06: Community Ownership Models

The way of generating and distributing electricity traditionally consisted of centralized, utility owned, large scale generating plants; namely coal, hydro and nuclear, delivering electricity to consumers via long distance, high voltage transmission lines. Power flowed in one direction, from the generators, through the transmission network before stepping down to the local distribution network to supply […]

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Farm Progress Show

Green Cat are excited to be attending the Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK on June 21 and 22. If you are interested in learning how renewables can add value to your business or community, please contact us and we would appreciate the opportunity to connect during the event!

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