Achilles UVDB Accreditation

Green Cat Renewables (GCR) is delighted to announce it has gained accreditation to the Achilles UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database).

GCR is joining the biggest utilities supplier online management community in the UK, putting themselves directly in front of over 1500 individual buyers from over 80 UK utilities companies, including Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Scottish Power, and the National Grid.

Companies use Achilles UVDB to find suitably qualified suppliers, allowing them to manage supply chain risk, and ensure compliance with EU regulations.

GCR Senior Project Manager, Rob Collin said: “As a company we are delighted to have received this accreditation. By joining Achilles, we have demonstrated our capability in meeting industry requirements in Health & Safety, Environmental Management Procedures, and Compliance

“Joining Achilles allows Green Cat Renewables to increase its visibility to a significant number of potential buyers, putting the company in a strong position to tender for work across the utility sector.

“Now we are accredited we are looking forward to working with these companies going forward.”

Achilles accreditation is an ongoing process and GCR will be audited on an ongoing annual basis to ensure the company maintains the high standards set by Achilles.

For further information, please contact Green Cat Renewables on 01899 309 100, or email